We know that when you're shopping around for a studio to record your project, you want to see what the hourly rate is and move on. For some projects we have to do an hourly rate, but for the most part we do not operate that way!

We've been in this business long enough to know that constantly worrying about the clock rarely inspires great performances. Because of this, we work mainly with package deals so the cost will vary from project to project. Our rates are incredibly competitive so you needn't fret over that. We should also say that if you're recording a full album with us your "hourly" rate will be lower than if you're recording a couple songs. Though, it's true we have to eat and we have to budget our time, we care more about your project and the outcome than milking away the hours.

If you're recording a project we want you to relax and focus on your craft without worrying about some extra time going by. Just ask our artists. They'll tell you!

We want to discuss your project and your goals. To start that conversation Contact Us!