Do you need original music for a project or an arrangement for your instrumental or vocal ensemble? Have you composed a song or piece of music that you would like arranged and produced? We compose, arrange, and produce for:

  • Full Orchestra
  • Marching and Concert Bands
  • Show Choir and Choral Ensembles
  • Classical Ensembles
  • Rock, Pop, Country, and Jazz Bands
  • Commercial Projects
  • Film and Television
  • Video Games
  • Musical Theatre
  • Vocal and Instrumental Solos
  • Audiobooks

If you have a professional or school concert band, jazz band, orchestra, or smaller ensemble let us know what instruments you have available and we can arrange a piece of music to fit your group!

What sets us apart is our ability to not only compose and/or arrange a piece of music but we can also produce it all in-house! We are using the same equipment and software composers and producers are using in Hollywood! From a solo instrument to a band or ensemble and all the way to a big full orchestral score, we can do it all! We can also do everything remotely so you don't have to be in our area to use our services.

If you are interested in commissioning Austin for composition, arranging, and/or producing services Contact Us!

To hear some samples, scroll down.

Production Excerpt Samples

All excerpts were composed, arranged, and produced by Austin Putt

An interesting tense orchestral excerpt from the short film Bang!

A quirky Christmas greeting piece

A demo reel of my work from my college years

This is a short excerpt from a piece composed and arranged by Austin Putt