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If you are a serious musician one of the most important aspects (if not, the most important) of music you can learn is music theory! Unfortunately, it is neglected in music instruction far too often. The benefit of learning even the most basic music theory concepts is immense because you are learning how music is created and why it sounds the way it does. If you are interested in pursuing music in college this is an absolute must! This can also be taught in tandem with voice or guitar lessons. We offer in-person music theory lessons in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. Join our music theory studio and learn the language of music! 

Aspects of music you will be learning include:

  • Note, clef, staff, key signature, and time signature recognition
  • Rhythmic concepts and training
  • Melodic concepts
  • Tonal harmony concepts
  • Ear training pitches, intervals, chords, and chord progressions
  • Composition techniques

We provide complete musical training in technique, repertoire, music literacy, and aural proficiency. Our goal is for students to improve their performance skills and become passionate and knowledgeable musicians, instilling confidence for life.

We offer contract and non-contract lessons:

Lessons by the Semester

Our studio operates on a semester basis with contract tuition billed each term. You may take advantage of our installment plan, or enjoy a discount by paying for the semester in full. Either way,  by committing to at least a full semester of lessons you are receiving the best value and making a strong statement about your desire to improve as a musician.

Lessons as You Go

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full semester of lessons, we do offer a pay-per-lesson option. This can be the right choice for the advanced or travelling student who just wants to check in periodically or for the very beginning student who wants to try it out before deciding to commit for a longer term.

No matter which option you choose, you can be confident that you will receive the highest level of instruction. Visit our FAQ page for more information.

If you're interested in taking music theory lessons, Register or Contact Us for more information.

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As a member of our studio you will have access to videos and other helpful tools to aid you in your musical growth!

This is an example from the videos you will have access to: